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Are you a beginner in studio photography and just starting out? Or interested in mastering your craft and learning how to create timeless portraits?​ A 1:1 session with me will provide you with  personalized guidance and instructions to help you develop your skills in studio photography and unlock your creative potential.

This session is perfect for photographers of all levels, regardless of where you are on your photography journey. I will create a customized and styled studio session based on your needs. 

Prior to the session we will discuss the topics that you would like to cover during our studio session. 

I will answer all of your question that your might have, and after, we will schedule a with 45 minute zoom call to address any questions that may arise after the mentoring session. 

The following topics can be covered during the session with me:

  • Studio lighting for beginners, studio essentials and setups

  • Portrait session workflow

  • Creating and executing a unique moldboard tailor specifically to your client

  • Maternity, Motherhood, Couples posing

  • Portfolio review

  • Marketing

  • Products and pricing

  • How to create a unique gallery for your clients

  • How to succeed as a studio photographer in a smaller town

The mentoring session will include hands-on shooting with one or several models.

The images you take during the session can be used in your portfolio. 

Join Me for a fun learning experience tailored specifically to you. 

1:1 Mentoring Session 


2:1 session is available for $5,500 if you would like to share the session with a fellow photographer and split the cost

A 50% retainer is required to reserve your spot

Installment payments are also available.

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